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Wunmi Adebowale, a builder of Human Authenticity is founder of Superwoman9ja. An Educationist, a Manpower Trainer and Developer and Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management where she also obtained her Diploma in Human Resources.

As a life coach and visionary, Wunmi has a burning desire to help people discover their true purpose and calling and help them manifest their authentic self in their personal, family, career and spiritual lives.

Through her network Superwoman9ja, Wunmi works with women from all spheres of life by providing one to one coaching based on tested and trusted coaching techniques, group coaching, help them manifest their authentic self  in all areas of their lives which in return helps to boost their confidence, provides a platform where women can connect, share their stories, be heard and not judged but motivated and inspired to be a better version of themselves by taking profound action, designing courses and programs geared to help them improve the quality of their lives.

Wunmi has helped and still helping several women out there.Why not connect with her today on her social media platforms

The Life Coach Who Helps You Manifest Authenticity

In life people will try to bring you down, try to mould you into what they themselves are, try to shape you into what they think you should be. It is important to know who you are and to manifest your authentic self. Believe you can and you will. The limitation is you!



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